Frequently Asked Questions

A certified used machine refers to a pre-owned equipment or machinery that has undergone a thorough inspection and evaluation process. This certification ensures that the machine meets specific quality standards and is in good working condition.

The certification process involves a comprehensive inspection of the machine’s mechanical components, electrical systems, and overall functionality. Trained technicians assess the machine’s condition, looking for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Once the inspection is complete, a certification is issued if the machine meets our standards.

Buying a certified used machine online offers several advantages, including:

Convenience: Earthmovers24 provides easy access to a wide range of certified machines from various sellers, allowing buyers to compare options and make informed decisions from the comfort of their own location.

Quality Assurance: Certified machines undergo rigorous inspections, ensuring that they meet specific quality standards of Earthmovers24. This reduces the risk of purchasing faulty or unreliable equipment.

Cost Savings: Certified used machines are often priced lower than new ones, offering significant cost savings without compromising on quality or performance.

As of now, we are giving option to the seller to get his machine certified by Earrhmovers24 or post it as it is. This is to ensure that as a buyer you get more options for your decision. For buyers, we recommend to select Earthmovers24 certified machines or ask a non-certified seller to get his machine certified before the deal.

Once you have selected a machine, please fill-in the form and our Sales consultant will help you to go through the process of checking documents, machine condition, etc. while you pay a booking amount to Earthmovers24. Once you are satisfied with the documents and machine condition, you need to pay 100% of the amount to Earthmovers24. You can arrange for shipping of machine to your location or you can ask for our services.

Please register your machine and your details and upload the photos of documents and machine. Our team will go through the documents and machine photos. Once they verify the machine will be listed on our platform free of charge.

We recommend you to get your machines inspected and certified by Earthmovers24 technical team. The cost for certification will be for BHL—–, for EXC…… per machine.

The certified machines will be faster to sell and will give the buyer confidence of quality and condition.

Earthmoers24 will do a due diligence of documents and ownership before uploading the machine. However, buyer are advised to a due diligence on their part as well once they pay the booking amount. Earthmovers24 will help you to get all the documents from seller to ensure that registration is transferred to your name. You can also use our services for this.